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This app may be able to help your skin

New app to help store medical records more efficiently
New app to help store medical records more efficiently
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The increasing need to access or store information easily via a tablet and/or mobile device has gone unnoticed by those in the medical industry.

The ApreSkin app has been launched to improve the way doctors perform skin consultations and streamline the taking of medical notes.

Dermatologists in Chicagoland can benefit from the ApreSkin app in treating patients.

“I’m hoping to streamline the way doctors perform skin consultations and improve the way they track and record the patient data using a 3D Skin Consultation App,” said Brad Jones, creator of the app.

“With the advances in technology and particularly interactive 3D software I believe we need to modernise our current medical software especially in dermatology, which is a more visual specialty and would benefit from this change,” continues Jones. “At the moment we are still using the same generic medical software that was being used 10-15 yrs ago.”

Most medical professionals currently take notes, use 2D body maps with marking then upload the records to a computer. Photos are also taken then given to staff to upload to the patient’s file.

The current process can be a bit cumbersome. Most doctors are typing a description of the location of a skin lesion into the patient’s record or marking a spot on a 2D body map then having to scan this into the record. They often take clinical photos of the location of the skin lesions and then rely on staff to download the photos into the correct patient record.

The app can streamline the entire process. “ApreSkin has been designed to be user-friendly and compliment doctors’ current electronic medical records software. Using an iPad they can easily generate a patient report or medical record of the skin consult using realistic 3D models to accurately mark skin lesions or conditions along with automated data entry of the location. Then at the press of a button, simply attach photos or screenshots to aid future identification of the lesion,” said Jones.

The app is designed for all doctors who consult on skin lesions including dermatologists, plastic surgeons and general practitioners. For more information on the app, visit

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