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Thirteen superstitions about flowers to even weeds

Even flowers have their own superstitions
Even flowers have their own superstitions
Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

If you enjoy gardening, then you'll enjoy this article that looks at superstitions that involve flowers to even to those annoying weeds. It's thirteen superstitions that deal with bad luck to rain chances. After reading several books on superstitions, these are the superstitions that I came up with.

  1. Ragweed is said to be sacred to fairies.
  2. Artificial flowers should be used on stage, it's unlucky to use live flowers.
  3. It's considered bad luck to take flowers on board of a plane.
  4. It's unlucky to take flowers that have bloomed out of season into the house.
  5. It's death omen to smell flowers when there are none in the vicinity.
  6. Finding a flower on a Monday will give you good luck.
  7. It's also good luck on Sunday too.
  8. A yellow rose means unfaithfulness.
  9. Finding the first daffodil of the Spring will bring you prosperity.
  10. Flowers that remain closed in the morning means that it will rain later.
  11. Roses blooming in the Fall, means an omen of misfortune.
  12. Taking a single violet indoors is bad luck.
  13. If weeds are cut in the dark of the moon, they will not come up again.

So next time you're in the garden you can think of these superstitions. You might want to keep some ragweed on hand, and don't forget that single violets aren't good to have in the home.

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