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Third Street Stuff and Coffee puts Lexington community first

Third Street Stuff and Coffee
Third Street Stuff and Coffee
Pedro Blanco

Nestled on Limestone Street next to the Atomic café on the corner of Third Street, Third Street Stuff and Coffee is a colorful world of sights and tastes to stimulate the senses. When Third Street Stuff first opened 14 years ago, it was just a small arts and crafts shop. Since then it has grown into a thriving bistro serving coffee, tea and gourmet sandwiches.

Since day one, Third Street Stuff has viewed itself as a community center. "A lot of places operate with the idea that if it doesn’t make dollar, it doesn’t make sense, but we do things a little bit differently" says Hendrick Anderson, a long time employee.

This community-first mindset has drawn in a lot of students from nearby Transylvania University. For many, the shop’s bright, welcoming environment represents an escape from the stress of academia.

The shop’s locally roasted and Fair Trade Certified Organic coffee was voted “Best Cup of Coffee” by ACE Weekly’s ‘Best of Lex 2007 & 2008’. During happy hour, everyday between 5-7pm, patrons can enjoy ½ price on all coffee and tea. The shop recently installed a new grill and now offers an even greater selection of “hot melty samiches” on the menu.

In addition to regularly featuring pieces by local artists, Third Street Stuff and Coffee hosts a poetry night from 7:30pm-10:00pm on the 22nd of every month and live, acoustic music performed by Jerry Moody at 8pm every Wednesday.

The intense, visual side of Third Street Stuff springs from the heart and mind of artist and owner Pat Gerhard, whose exaggerated sense of color and style sets this place apart.

To stay up to date with the eccentric and ever-growing selection of stuff, visit the store blog, and for even more information about Third Street Stuff and Coffee, you can visit them online.


  • Lupe Saunders 5 years ago

    Thanks for the 411 Neely. I've live in Lexington going on 7 years and passed by Third Street Stuff but had no idea there was more stuff to Stuff than meets the eye.

  • Kay Brown 5 years ago

    Thanks for the heads up on such a neat place. I have lived in Lexington all my life and did not know about this neat shop! Can't wait to visit!

  • Scott Brian 5 years ago

    I say Neely, I've got a hankerin' for a cup-a-joe. I'll be checkin' this place out,thanks!

  • Jennifer Wilson 5 years ago

    Next time i am in lexington I'll have to check this place out.

  • Arlean Strickland 5 years ago

    Neely after I read your article about TTS I decided I have to go there if for no other reason than to browse as your article made it a must do in Lexington.

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