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Third person with Oculus Rift

The sky is the limit with the new Oculus Rift, it would seem. Not only will gaming and virtual life be through the players view, but with new technology, it will be in the third person as well. It would seem that a Polish tech company known as Mepi has devoted its time in creating a perspective-shifting Oculus Rift mod. This will allow the user to view the virtual world through an over-the-shoulder view.

The design is quite bulky by description, which is the case with all new technology. The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is set to a pair of cameras, which are then mounted to a pole that stick out from the user’s backpack. Finally, the player uses a joystick to move the camera to see from all different angles.
Third person games genre are defined as such, and an example can be seen in such games as Fallout 3, The Witcher and the Devil May Cry franchises. As is seen in these games, the camera is situated above and behind the user’s character. This is ideal for players who wish to view their avatar in battle and normal gameplay. While in this view the player can move the camera in all angles for a better view of their surroundings.

While first person camera positioning is best served for the shooter genre, and is created to give the player the illusion of being the hero or ass kicker, it usually fails to fully grasp this aspect. Now that the Oculus Rift has the capability of being set to third person, this will make gameplay appealing to both playing styles.

Thanks to Mepi for this groundbreaking technology, and in this reporter’s view, a much needed avenue for the virtual reality headset. The thought of inserting oneself in the virtual world of the wastelands in Fallout, or the beautiful open worlds of FarCry, makes this writer virtually salivate. This brand new world cannot come soon enough.

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