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Third person charged in Aspen socialite's murder

Nancy Pfister
Nancy Pfister

Colorado police have arrested a third suspect in the slaying of Aspen socialite Nancy Pfister.

Pfister, 57, was found dead in an upstairs closet of her home on February 26, by her trusted assistant Kathy Carpenter.

On Friday Carpenter, 56, was charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first degree murder.

On March 3, William Styler, 65, and his wife Nancy Styler, 62, were arrested for Pfister’s murder. They were living in Pfister’s home while she was in Australia. Pfister had posted on her Website that she was leaving Australia before she wanted, to deal with renters who were not paying their bills.

Now the police believe the Styler’s conspired with Carpenter to commit the killing.

Pfister’s late parents co-founded the popular Buttermilk ski area west of Aspen. Nancy, in her younger day’s, hung out with the Kennedy’s and actor’s such as Jack Nicholson and Michael Douglas. It has been reported that she was briefly engaged to Douglas.

Police and Prosecutor’s have withheld almost all details of the investigation, including the cause of death.

The Styler’s are due in court this morning at 10:30 and Carpenter will appear at 3 p.m.

Authorities stated they will hold a press conference after Carpenter’s appearance today.

Stay tuned.

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