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Third July crop circle, this time Netherlands: Should we expect more? You bet!

Legitimate: Swirling effects such as clockwise then counter-clockwise spiral-vortex swirling
Legitimate: Swirling effects such as clockwise then counter-clockwise spiral-vortex swirling
Richard van Rijswijk

Yet another crop circle, this time Netherlands: Should we expect more? You bet!

Legitimate crop circle with bent node
Richard van Rijswijk

On July 25, a third crop circle appeared in the fields of Europe, this time in Stadskanaal in northern Holland. The Stadskanaal crop circle appeared only five days after one in Bavaria, Germany (around July 18) and a few weeks after one in Wiltshire, England (around July 8).

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All three are “legitimate” crop circles.

What is the difference between a legitimate crop circle and a hoax or “CRAP circle?” Let me count “some” of the ways. True crop circles characteristics include:

  • Grain bent at the nodes – mechanical flattening of the grain cannot produce this result
  • Size and complexity
  • Sophisticated details
  • Each pattern is unique, yet often similar in theme
  • Differently shaded parts of the same construction
  • Often appear 3-D from an aerial view due to shading of swirling
  • Often a standing tuft in a circle's center
  • An exact "cutting edge" to undamaged outside stalks
  • Swirling effects such as clockwise then counter-clockwise spiral-vortex swirling
  • Highly unusual electromagnetic energies involved in authentic crop circle creation process
  • Banding, that is, a few stalks' leaves wrapping a band

More detailed information on crop circle plant abnormalities can be found at the end of this article.

Characteristics of a "CRAP" circle include:

  • Simple and uneven patterns
  • Pale in comparison to the size and complexity of legitimate crop circles
  • Made using tools such as ropes, planks and step ladders
  • Ropes and poles used to measure out the circle
  • Crap circle maker stands in middle of proposed circle and turns on one foot while pushing the crop down with the other foot to make a center

One of the clearest indicators that mechanical flattening of crop circle plants by planks and boards is an "inadequate explanation" for the legitimate crop circle phenomenon was the discovery that the first plant-stem node beneath the seed head node increased in length. Additionally, stalk bending in the range of 45-90 degrees is typically found at the very bottom of the stem where it comes out of the earth, and is often quite pronounced.

Just try stretching and bending a stalk of grain with with a board and a rope.

Back to the Stadskanaal crop circle. According to the Zetas of ZetaTalk,

The most outstanding feature on the Stadskanaal crop circle is the touching of the two circles. (See the slideshow.) One of the circles emits outbound waves. Where previously, in the past decade, Earth has been affected by intermittent hosing from Planet X (Nibiru) and licks of it wafting debris tail, this pattern will end. From this point forward, according to the Zetas, this design predicts that the hosing will no longer be intermittent, but rather static until the passage of Planet X (Nibiru) is complete. The magnetic hosing of Earth will be constant and continuous until the time of the Pole Shift.

What does this mean for Planet Earth?


Earth's troubles increase as the electromagnetic pulse and flux increase, along with the Earth Wobble, which will become unrelentingly violent. Per the Zetas, this is what is predicted by the Stadskanaal crop circle:

In the past, Earth has been afflicted by an intermittent magnetic hosing from Planet X (Nibiru). This intermittent dynamic affliction has run its course. Now, the magnetic hosing will be constant and continuous until the time of the Pole Shift.

In the coming days and weeks, the citizens of Earth will find that their time of T-R-O-U-B-L-E is on the uptick (more earthquakes, breaking water mains, collapsing buildings, exploding streets, land sinking and rising here and sliding there, planes disappearing from radar, Internet cables snapping, and so forth), due to the increased electromagnetic pulse and flux from Planet X (Nibiru)’s magnetic hosing, as well as from an increasingly violent earth wobble.

The Zetas have said that crop circles will appear with increasing frequency as we near the Pole Shift. And, so they are.

More detail on crop circle plant abnormalities

Michigan biophysicist W.C. “Lefty” Levengood saw a crop circle television show in 1990 that changed his life. Levengood's credentials include the University of Toledo (BS in Physics and Mathematics), Ball State University (MA in Bioscience), and the University of Michigan (MS in Biophysics).

After watching the show, Levengood contacted Pat Delgado, one of the crop circle phenomenon’s original British investigators, and arranged for Delgado to begin shipping plant samples and controls to Levengood’s Michigan laboratory. He documented physical changes in crop circle plants by evaluating hundreds of sample plants, both downed and standing, from inside the overall perimeter of each formation against hundreds of control plants taken at varying distances outside each formation, in several directions.

Almost immediately Levengood began to find “multiple anomalies” in plant samples from within the crop circles, as compared to the control plants. Over the next ten years, more than 250 individual crop formations from multiple countrieswere examined in-depth. Crop circle plants and soil samples and controls were collected by hundreds of field personnel in multiple countries: UK, Germany, Holland, Israel, Australia, United States, Canada, Belgium, Poland, Italy and Scandinavia.

Perhaps the most significant discovery resulted—as is often the case in science—when Levengood accidentally forgot to dispose of boxed left-over crop circle samples that had been deprived of water and light for between 10-14 days. Upon reopening the box, Lefty discovered that the circle plants were not only alive, but growing vigorously, while all of the controls had died.

Question to the main steam "corporate" media: Do you really believe a couple of guys with boards and a rope, or even group of college students on summer vacation, can stretch and enlarge plant stem nodes or give crop circle seeds the ability to grow without light and water for a couple of weeks? Get real! The truth will set you free.

According to Levengood, the physical changes found in these crop circle plants were all determined to be statistically significant at the 95% level of confidence:

  • On the microscopic level, abnormal enlargement of cell wall pits in bract tissue (a thin membrane that surrounds the seed-head) was found
  • Enlarged (both laterally and longitudinally) plant stem nodes – fibrous knuckle-like protuberances found spaced along the plant stem beneath the seed-head
  • These nodes are sometimes enlarged laterally ("fatter") and longitudinally ("stretched"). The node elongation (stretching) is a permanent effect caused by the formation energies
  • Marked bending of the plant stem nodes is observed in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th nodes down toward the bottom of the stalks
  • Bending in the range of 45-90 degrees is typically found at the very bottom of the stem and is often quite pronounced
  • A darkening of the stem node around expulsion cavities is sometimes seen and thought to result from intense, very brief bursts of microwaves that instantly turn the moisture inside the plant stem nodes to steam

What's you take on crop circles?

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