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Third Annual Super Villain Party Invades Dallas

Some shots from last year's party as taken from the party-goers themselves!
Some shots from last year's party as taken from the party-goers themselves!
Austin Turner and Brian Tregellas, doctors of world domination

Not too long ago, Comic Con hit the streets of Dallas with their cosplaying prowess parading in the craziest and coolest get ups. Now that’s over, there’s not much around the DFW metroplex that lets the adult imagination run wild with costumes and wigs and glitter – well, not until Halloween that is. Geez though, October’s still several months away! How are we ever going to fill that void until then? Never fear citizens with a penchant for velvet, leather, and all things evil in media culture! The Third Annual Super Villain Dance Party will be making it’s devilish return to Dallas, hosted by Michael WayWard Krolcyzk and Tricia Freebird on June 14th from 8:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. at Sandaga 813. There is a $10 cover fee at the door, but all proceeds go to building flame effects for Celtic Chaos at the Castle at Burning Man 2014 later this year.

Official dance monster for this villainous party
Third Annual Super Villain Party

This is it. Last chance – they’re calling it: The Showdown! With a local lineup of some epic house DJs featuring Marques Wyatt of Deep LA, Boxx, Dragonlazer, Don Gentry, Dreadnaught, Leo Morales, and Life Coach, the party will most definitely hit that early 2 a.m. mark dropping every hour with amazing tracks and dance worthy beats. These DJs of doom alongside Shadowplay’s visuals – will make any other nightlife event going on seem just like another goody two shoes, junior high dance.

Now, just what does this party have besides mind-blowing music and insane effects? Exactly what the title event is all about: super villains. This party isn’t just intermingling your favorite villains spanning TV shows, movies, comics, and literature – they’re going interactive putting you and your friends as the big bad honchos themselves. Dress up to your heart’s desire – from Darth Vader, to The Joker…to even Mugatu from Zoolander (as suggested on the event page by the host himself). Your imagination can run free and as insane as you want it to be. It is very much encouraged that you get gussied up for this event and join the plethora of other dark toned, spandex clad, powder caked scoundrels.

Now, as Jack Nicholson’s Joker from the 1989 Batman film, I’ll ask – "Ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight?"

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