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Third 1930s Nancy Drew film airs as part of TCM Saturday morning lineup July 19

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For the third consecutive week, TCM (Turner Classic Movies) will air the third in a series of four Nancy Drew film produced by Warner Bros. when 1939's 'Nancy Drew - Trouble Shooter' airs Saturday, July 19 at 10:45 a.m./9:45 a.m. central.

Back again for a third time are four stars who, at the time of this weeks offering had now become familiar faces to movie-goers familiar with the films based on the popular characters first appearing in the popular teen detective novels.

Of course Bonita Granville is front and center as Nancy, herself. Once again aiding in the investigation for 'Trouble Shooter' is Nancy's pal Ted Nickerson, played by Frankie Thomas. Nancy's father, Carson Drew is once again portrayed by John Litel and the Drew's faithful and funny housekeeper, Effie Schneider is back in the form of Renie Riano.

A newcomer to the Nancy Drew franchise bring a bit of romance to the film. Charlotte Wynters as Edna Gregory becomes a source of aggravation for Nancy when she sees Edna vying for Carson's attention. Aldrich Bowker is also on hand as Matt Brandon. Not only is Brandon the prime suspect in a murder, he's also close personal friend of the Drew family.

Upon arrival to the scene of the crime, Carson quickly gets Matt released from jail when he discovers no body has been found. Unfortunately Nancy and Ted inadvertently find where the body is buried when they send Matt's servant Apollo Johnson to dig up a tropical flower they spot on Matt's property, knowing it's not indigenous to the region. Apollo is played with what would now be conceived as politically incorrect wide-eyed delightful fright by beloved character actor Willie Best.

As if murder weren't enough drama for one film, there's also a fire and even a charging bull. 'Nancy Drew - Trouble Shooter' also has plenty of laughs and as usual, our girl detective somehow stumbles upon enough clues to solve the crime. TCM wraps their Nancy Drew retrospective next week when they present the fourth and final film in this late-30s franchise, 'Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase'.

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