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Thinking too much

Let go and feel your life.
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I pulled this note from,

“…Its like every thought I have is conscious I can’t focus on what I'm doing because I'm too busy thinking. Sometimes I even find myself mouthing out my thoughts. It's really strange but really annoying because this is how I always am. Does anyone else feel like this?”

I’ve mentioned before that we have thousands of thoughts per day, so many that we are, like the anonymous person insinuates above, tripping all over them.

Don’t you think, many times, we are just spending too much time in our heads and not enough time feeling and just being in the present?

We are so caught up in “staging happy thoughts” perhaps we’re losing sight of our natural state of being.

A recent professor of mine passed down some words of wisdom she had heard, “We are either in our lives or in our thoughts.”

It is time to live in the “being phase” and, perhaps, it will be beneficial to season this existence with a pinch of positive thinking.

Stop trying so hard, have faith and let your natural self surface; this being is the essence of a knowing that reaches far beyond the intellect.

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