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Thinking outside of the box this Valentine's Day with fun classroom treats

Every year as a child I remember purchasing my favorite characters Valentine Cards to share with all my classmates in school. I could not wait for the classroom list to come home so that I may get started on them. I would carefully tear across the perforated edges of each individual card before I ever so neatly wrote my classmates name on the very best card for them, making sure I never gave a boy one that would be of embarrassment such as those that say "I like you".

Think outside of the box and be more creative this Valentine's Day.

My boys began the same ritual when they began elementary school and year after year I became bored with the idea. If we are showing our children how to share something nice with their classmates couldn't we do more than just write names on the back of a card? Watch the video above to discover a way to teach your child about Valentine's Day.

So as any smart mom with an idea would do, I hopped on Pinterest (click on the link and follow me). Below are the Valentine Day classroom treats for students and teachers that I fell in love with while I searched probably longer than I should have (so addicting Pinterest is). Click on the link to find out how you can create these with your student and be outside the box (Valentine character card box) this year.

  1. Caped- Cute Sucker
  2. You're One in a Minion
  3. Funnel Kiss
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