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Thinking of Unfriending Someone on Facebook? There Are Alternatives

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Reversed Facebook Thumbs Up Icon

Tired of seeing what seems like interminable posts from a friend’s Timeline on Facebook? Not happy with a friend’s political beliefs or worried about a boss seeing posts? While some members believe the only resolution is to use the “Unfriend” function, it's far from the truth.

Each day, millions of Facebook members send friend requests and conversely millions more will “unfriend” and individual for one reason or another. But is “unfriending” someone always the best choice when taken into consideration an oftentimes decades long bond between two people? In many cases, the answer would be no, unless of course, the “unfriender” really does want to cut off all contact with another, and in essence, might be perceived as ending a friendship permanently. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to avoid the oft times dreaded “unfriend” feature.

Facebook provides a wealth of tools for members to tweak their user settings, including stopping posts of a particular friend on news feeds. It’s as simple as going to a friends Timeline, and clicking the “Following” button and changing it to “Follow”, which removes a friend’s postings from a member’s News Feed. For members who might have a boss as a friend on Facebook but concerned about what they can see, simply head to the icon second from the top right of the screen (a lock icon) – click “Privacy” – then to "Who can see stuff" - to Edit, then Custom, where there is an option "Dont' share this with...".

Other settings include hiding posts from a certain friend or a friend group, hiding a member’s friend lists, hiding one friend from another friend and the very convenient ability to block a friend’s request to play a Facebook game. All of these solutions can be found via Facebook’s Help Center, particularly in the Help Community section, where members posts questions and receive answers from other members.

So the next time someone gets upset with a friends post on Facebook or someone is worried what a manager can see, it isn’t always necessary to use the “unfriend” feature. If this still doesn’t make sense, just send me an email and I’ll be happy to assist. Unless of course, it really is necessary to “unfriend” someone. In that case, it should be fairly easy to figure out.