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Thinking of painting a room: Learn how to calculate how many gallons needed

Every so many years homeowners decide to give a room or two a fresh new look. Instead of replacing furniture, drapes and the décor on walls or tables they think of a new color to paint the walls with. Painting the room over gives it a new and clean look and can totally change the mood of the room depending upon the color that was chosen.

Start off your painting job by knowing how much paint to purchase right away!

Not all rooms are the same size. Some are square and others rectangular. Other homes are made with an open floor plan giving rooms a larger look and a flow from one room to the other. This can cause problems when shopping for paint.

How many gallons of paint do you need?

There is nothing more frustrating than getting towards the end of your room painting project and run out of paint. Going back to the store and praying that the clerk that mixes that particular shade does it exactly like the one who helped you previously. Sometimes this doesn’t happen and causes you stress, more work because you have to repaint that wall or walls and messes with your available time designed to do that particular job.

Now you don’t have to fuss over that issue any longer!

There are a few websites that will take that guesswork out of the equation for you. In an instant you’ll be able to get the proper calculation on exactly how much paint you will need for any room or painting project you choose to undertake.

Here are the sites that will make your job just a little bit easier:

Behr (once one this site click on Expert Advice)


Now if you can only get someone to help with the painting and make a decision on what colors of paint to use life would be a whole lot simpler.

Buying the right amount of paint is now easy!

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