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Thinking of Becoming a Database Administrator? Consider these Top 10 SQL DBA que

Remote dba experts
Remote dba experts

The world is going through an information technology age. You cannot deny that these times are exciting if you love working with computers. If you want a career in this broad industry, none could be more suitable than a database administrator (DBA).

DBA Explained

For starters, what does this job entail? You will have the role of helping organizations manage information by conceptualizing and implementing the best ways to organize, store and present data as customers may require.

If youhave experience in production or developmental database administration, this is your ideal job. With BLS projecting a 30% growth in the industry from 2002-2016, it is a job laden with opportunity.

Top 10 DBA questionsto Help Ace Your Interview

Just like all computer systems jobs, there is a lot of competition and you will require specific skills. Some of the top questions to expect from the remote dba experts panel include:

1) Tell us about yourself? This question when asked during a DBA interview is just to set you at ease because essentially all the questions will border on your specific knowledge of SQL. Speak frankly and in brief about yourself but focus on things that have a link to DBA.

2) You have applied for a SQL DBA job, as your manager why should I not switch to Oracle? This is the most critical question because the interviewer wants to see how objective you are. Ensure you have all the pros and cons of these main databases before going for an interview.

3) What would you consider as the fundamental unit of storage in SQL server data and log files? You must prove that you have dealt with SQL servers. Basically, a page of size 8k is sufficient for data files while log filesneed log record of varying size depending on the task.

4) Your manager has aproblem with the backend server support application, what would you do? You need to give trouble shooting questions in order to identify the problem. The panel will be impressed.

5) How do you backup a MySQL server? This is a trick question posed to assess how keen you are. There is no one-off answer and you must ask context questions on the three techniques available including hot backup, storage snapshots and mysqldump.

6) What is your MySQL tool chain? These should be at your fingertips from Common Schema, Openark Kit, and MySQL sandbox among others.

7) As a developer, why do I need a unique table on my table? You must proof that it really adds to performance and manageability of the system.

8) If you want to remove fragmentation on an index in SQL server what would you do? This is a simple onedepending on whether it is the 2000 or 2005 server. Methods include DBCC DBREINDEX, DROP INDEX; CREATE INDEX, CREATE INDEX...DROP EXISTING (cluster) among others.

9) What third party tools make up your favorite list? You should be quick in answering this to show you have grasp of database administration.

10) Please explain the difference between a minimally logged and fully-logged operation? Again, this is a highly likely question and you should have the materials on your fingertips.

There you go, start researching now and have everything on your fingertips.


The author is a seasoned professional database administrator in the industry. With multiple articles on DBA and years of experience, this IT guru has what it takes to offer customized service to suit your business database administration needs.

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