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Thinking about personal safety: try a smartphone that can protect you

Coyote Case will broadcast an emergency message to anyone you have specified: family, police, friends.
Coyote Case will broadcast an emergency message to anyone you have specified: family, police, friends.
Coyote Case

Everyone in the Denver/Boulder area has been touched in one way or another by the senseless, violent end that little Jessica Ridgway met last week. Hopefully it has made all of us at least a little more aware of our own personal safety and that of our families. Many of you may feel confused about what you could possibly do to protect yourself or your loved ones other than take a self defense class (which is a great idea), but there is an opportunity right now for each of us to be a part of a unique solution that could help not only us, but our families, friends, and thousands of others.

If you haven’t heard of Indiegogo yet, it’s a website dedicated to helping entrepreneurs obtain funding for their projects through crowdfunding—people like you and me who are interested in a project can support it financially for as little as a dollar or two, up to hundreds or thousands of dollars, with each level of support earning a special thank-you perk. One especially interesting project that is currently seeking funding is Coyote Case, a special smartphone case for the iPhone (and, hopefully, for Android models soon) that can help protect you. When activated, the Coyote Case has what essentially amounts to a panic button that activates a screeching siren to drive your attacker away from you and draw the attention of people nearby who may be able to help. It also includes an app that automatically sends an emergency text message to a pre-selected list of contacts (your family, roommate, local police, etc.).

This College-to-Career column is read mainly by young professionals here in the Denver/Boulder area, but personal safety affects us all. This product holds great promise for helping protect children, hikers, cyclists, even the elderly. Take a look at the funding site, view the video and read the text describing the product and project, and consider being part of the solution. Minimum support is only two dollars, but if you want a Coyote Case for yourself when it becomes available (projected release: next April), support at the $60 level or higher will put one in your hands ‘hot off the press.’

While you wait for your Coyote Case, learn about personal safety here.


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