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Thinking about it

Don't waste yours
Don't waste yours
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We feed ourselves to nourish our bodies, and frankly, we don't do a good job of it for most of our lives.

Only when we are in the later stages of our existence do some of us change our 'diets' to a more healthy regimen that we should have followed years ago.

How about the care and nourishment of our brains?

It's ironic that our intelligence center is the last item on our maintenance list for better living. What with all the information being shared about the effects of Alzheimer's disease on our senior generation, it's about time we gave it some thought, don't you think?

What foods are not brain healthy?

Think sweet, sugary and heavy foods that make you want to fall asleep a half hour after consumption. Desserts, morning doughnuts, pizza and doughy food items. Sodas and lots of hot dogs and burgers. These foods take a toll on our thinking center over a lifetime and the effects are not pleasant.

Dementia and a confused state of existence awaits those who do not take and make the necessary life style and dietary changes necessary. Those who cannot scale back on their excesses in over eating, habitual alcohol consumption and a couch potato existence are at risk of paying the price during their 'golden years'.

What serves our brains best?

Exercise. Yes, physical exercise helps, as well as doing crossword puzzles, sudoku, reading articles, books, magazines, etc. Our brain is a muscle that also needs to be flexed and worked out.

Makes sense, doesn't it?

Challenge your brain by thinking on different ideas and concepts that you never considered before, like Obamacare, Social Security, our Federal debt, or more esoteric activities such as learning to play a musical instrument, or learning a second language.

Best of all, change your attitude.

Through healthy thinking. Thinking of all that you're grateful for, thinking about how you can make a difference in the lives of others, how you can help by doing something positive. We don't just walk around with smiles on our faces and hope things get better. We think the thoughts that may help, envision them in our mind's eye, and then we take the steps necessary to achieve them.

Let's begin exercising our biggest muscle now, everyday.

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