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Hope springs eternal
Hope springs eternal
Ellie Marie Margaret Wolentarski, QC

Bill Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe III on August 19, 1946 in Hope, Arkansas.



Ours is, of course, a Republican household, but in this little diary of Washington, I have endeavored to give devils their due and, as such, comes now to us, Mr. Clinton~~sly devil, he.

As I go down the list of the Presidents noted here, I make note of a number who were very, very successful salesmen.

One such was FDR, to a lessor extent, Jack Kennedy, more so, Mr. Clinton.

Sales is having a sense of the people~~what they want.

Sales is about appearing to satisfy desires in the buyer that oftentimes the buyer doesn’t recognize he has.

Sales capacity is a great gift.

Pointedly, it is the sine qua non~~without sales~~and salesmanship~~nothing moves.

Friends of mine who look upon the craft of politics as some sort of religious vocation are askance when I hold that having a keen sense of “retail politics,” is a very desirable trait to have.

After all, politics in a democratic republic is just that~~and little else~~it’s sales.

It’s selling yourself as though you were a commodity to the people and having them buy it.

This sounds craven to those who think that politicians have a calling to the higher, holy, cloth, but right-minded men understand full well that a successful politician is first and foremost a salesman~~and, as a good salesman~~he is always ready to stand another round~~to re-package and~~to re-sell the same commodity~~all over again~~himself.

I am in the other Party, but I will say that politics on the retail level, is something that a budding, aspiring politician had better know in his bones~~or else~~off to the monastery he ought go~~and double quick.

President Clinton understood all of this in his bones–in his DNA~~he was a world-class salesman~~not more~~not less~~in the end he understood his job and did it very well.

On this list of a dozen Presidents, he is very close to, if not at the top of, the dozen salesman named.



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