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Think you're saving money with DART? You can clear even more with this

If you’re a diligent user of public transportation in Dallas, or thinking about starting, how would you like to save more money, plus possibly get a gold star for saving your boss some green too?

You can do it through a little-known federal tax law that’s fairly easy to take advantage of.

The law allows employers to subsidize their employees’ public transportation costs as a fringe benefit. In return, they’ll get a full tax deduction for the cost and they don’t have to pay payroll taxes on the amount. The employees get the benefit tax-free.

Everybody saves money. Everybody’s happy!

All you have to do is plow through Internal Revenue Code, Section 132(F), as amended by TEA-21, Title IX, Section 910, fill out a 32-page written form in No. 2 pencil and promise not to ever pull out a pocket watch and yell “All aboard!” just because you can.

Actually, it’s a lot easier than that.

Tell your employer about this Dallas Area Rapid Transit site. It’s a short explanation about all the options to save money. The program is set up intentionally to be relatively easy to start. The money person at your workplace can probably knock it out faster than Anthony Spencer on Brett Favre. (Go Cowboys this weekend!)

So, roll on all you proud rapid transit users. By bus, by van, by carpool, by rail, you put the public in public transportation.


  • Jerry Francisco 4 years ago

    I've used DART the few times I've gone to conferences in Dallas - wonderful and easy to use. Wish this was available in other metro areas I've had to visit.