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Think You Can Rock a Visor?

Okay, so we're all for out of the blue fashion moments where you take on something different yet not in a contrived "I'm craving for attention" way (see Pharrell's hat) but rather in a more "hmm this looks interesting let me try!" kind of way (see Ashton Kutcher trucker hat)

Forever 21 On The Edge Visor $9
River Island Navy Woven Scarf Trim Visor $27

This is where the visor comes in. Once a futuristic looking accessory, dependable sun blocker and tennis favorite, the visor is now among the popular trend this spring.

The unique accessory was highly visible on the Marni, Kate Spade and DNKY runways.

For those too frightened at the thought of trying something so drastically new yet ironically seasoned (isn't the majority of fashion?) you can give the look a shot with these play it safe yet appealing visors....

1.Forever 21 On The Edge Visor $9

2. River Island Pink Metallic Visor $24

3. Puma Visor $24

4. Eric Javitz 'Squishee Champ' Custom Fit Visort $145

5. KTZ Studded Leather Visor $546

6. Craft & Borrow Chain-Link Visor Hat $18

7. River Island Navy Woven Scarf Trim Visor $27

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