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Think with your mind not your heart when in the office

computer on desk
computer on desk

Yes we are approaching Valentine’s Day which is just fine for those who are dating but when it comes to the office place use common sense; dating is totally off limits. There are certain things two employees should never do and the top item at that list is date one another because it can become serious damage should anything take place within that relationship causing a break-up.

A great thing to keep in mind, it’s okay to go out after work on Friday but if things are beginning to get serious it might be a good idea to step back and ask yourself one common sense simple question; is losing your job worth an office romance? If your answer is no then ease off and remain friends. If you both have serious feelings of lust and cannot keep your hands off of one another then two options come to mind
1 - it would be a good idea for one of you to find another job or 2 - seek a therapist for behavior issues.