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Think portions this fall

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As the weather cools and sweaters go on, it can be easier than ever to ignore your portion sizes and start overeating comfort foods. Stews, heavy soups and pie start to look extremely appealing. Think seasonal, but don't ignore your portions!

Here's three simple ways to avoid fall weight gain:

- Buy seasonal vegetables, like squash, and incorporate them into your diet, but do it in healthy ways. Try roasting squash or make it into a chicken broth-based soup.

- If you have a fall recipe that calls for cream, use skim milk instead.

- If you are gaining weight, start a food diary and cut down on your food intake, especially of refine carbodhydrates. If your weight is in check already, you still may want to brush up on portion sizes. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute has an easy portion card you can download online here.

Enjoy, just don't overdo it!