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Think Pink: 12 Pink Accents for Under $100

Step Bright Up Clutch $55
Step Bright Up Clutch $55

If the color pink doesn't alert the highest level of girl power then we ascertain we'll never find a color nearly close enough that will.

Swatch Swiss Toosun Pink Watch $50

Pink is the ultimate declaration of feminine mien even if stirs up images of preprubscent girls with pigtails and cupcakes.

Pink is also a fairly simple way to dress up any look, from an all black affair to white from head to toe, a few touches of pink can turn your look in a more favorable direction.

To join the legendary pink movement, here are a few tips to help you think pink this summer.

Give a little: If you cringe at the thought of wearing pink, even if it's something as minor as pink studs, you can change directions and wear pink makeup instead. Pink lipstick is always on trend for the summer and so is pink nails polish.

Try on Pink Variations: Like with any color, pink comes in various shades. If powder pink shouts "wannabe Barbie"then try a more refined rosy pink or fuchsia.

Head to Toe Pink is OK. Despite what many critics would lead you to believe, pink can be worn from head to toe if done right. A pink power suit is just one of many examples. A pink power suit at the office spells confidence, femininity and fierceness.

Have fun with Pink: Pink is a perky color that is meant to be playful and fun, have fun with pink accents and play your female allure all the way up ( go easy on the flirting!)

Here are 12 pink accents to give your summer look a more feminine approach...

1. Step Bright Up Clutch $55

2. Tiny Hands Scented Cotton Candy Necklace $28

3. Moschino Logo Iphone Case $59

4. Pre-Owned Fendi Sunglasses $95

5. MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Carlene' Sandal $86

6. Paralysist Studs: Phonic Pink $56

7. Swatch Swiss Toosun Pink Watch $50

8. Express Quilted Chain Strap Shoulder Bag $50

9. Forever 21 Ribbon-Wrapped Spike Bangle $5

10. MANGO Square Framed Sunglasses $13

11. Sperry Top-Sider Nautical Charm $15

12. Maiden Lane 'Dakota' Studded Gladiator Sandal $39

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