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Think Outside the Bar: 5 Alternative Ways to Meet Boston Singles


There are three things Boston has in abundance: die-hard, kick-you-to-the-ground-if-you-don’t-like-it Red Sox fans, long lines for any decent downtown bar or club, and attractive eligible singles. In fact, Boston has one of the most thriving single scenes in the country. With over 75 colleges and universities in the region, it is the ideal place to be a bachelor, yet so many people still struggle to find love here. Sure, you can opt to join the weekend parade of mini-dresses and skinny jeans vying for the attention of their baseball cap sporting counterparts, whose exposed chest hair and visible swagger suggests they’re already three sheets to the wind, yet still coming back for more.

But let’s be honest, bars can be a challenging (and sometimes downright annoying) place to meet quality people, so climb down from that bar stool, peel the coaster off the tush of your True Religions and start using that pretty head of yours. To get you started, here are 5 alternative ways to meet people in the city - cocktails optional.

The friend of a friend connection: Say yes to the summer barbecue. This summer, BYOB means “Bring Your Own Boys (Please!)”. There is no shortage of barbecues or house parties in-and-around the city, so try not to turn down an invite. You never know who might be in attendance and it’s an ideal setting for making a friend of a friend connection. Or better yet, throw your own party and ask guests to bring someone you have never met. Six-degrees of congregation can be a great way to expand your social circle and maybe spark some romance.

Join a club. Take some of the pressure off and join a club that hosts events and mixers without the “singles” pretense. For example, the Boston Young Professionals Association hosts networking events in fun social settings, or Boston Ski and Sports Club provides group adventure, travel and sport activities ideal for meeting new people with similar interests.

Hit the gym regularly. Many boys like to work out their mouths as much as their muscles, making the gym an ideal place to sweat it out with a crush (and get some healthy exercise, too!). Some local gyms, like Boston Sports Club, offer members a variety of complimentary classes to inspire a visit, and the potent cocktail of sweat, spandex and feel good endorphins help increase your odds for success. Here’s a tip: Do your best to workout at the same time every week to turn that casual wink over the weights into full-on flirtation.

Volunteer. Altruism is sexy. Volunteering your free time to better your community takes commitment and character, and hey – I wouldn’t kick a man strong in character out of bed for eating crackers. These boys are keepers, ladies. Single Volunteers Boston is a nonprofit that offers one-time volunteer events for singles looking to meet others through community service. If that’s not your speed, check out Volunteer Match to help you find philanthropic opportunities in your city and go at your own pace.

Get the inside scoop from the experts. Sign-up for targeted local activities e-mail lists, like those distributed by Boston Magazine and Daily Candy, and let the experts do the work for you. Notable event advisories and insider invites provide in-the-know access to local social gatherings. Remember, you won’t meet Mr. Right sitting on your duff. The more you get out there, the greater chance you have of meeting someone special.


  • Pickle Splick 5 years ago

    YES! As a young professional in fundraising, I can personally attest to the volunteering angle on dating. You can find someone who has a passion for something other than booze (although there's always a lot of drinking at fund raisers). Thanks for the tips. Keep 'em comin.

  • Hotmale in Red Sox 5 years ago

    Thank you for offering such fresh alternatives! It's hard to meet single, strong, women in this city, and with friends calling every friday to hit the club scene, I feel like my imaginations run out the window! Great column and thanks!

  • Stefan Pinto - Miami Fitness Examiner 5 years ago

    Altruism is indeed sexy. Lovely article. Well done.