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Think outside of the box – senior home modifications

When seniors reside in their homes versus a care facility, adjustments may be required in order to facilitate his/her safety. Adjustments do not always require major reconstruction, or expense. Modifications do often require creativity.

A trip to a local hardware supply store may provide the inspiration needed. An individual who is wheelchair bound may have difficulty navigating from room to room due to carpeted floors. His/her independence and effort reduction may be improved by affixing a thick plastic mat over the carpeting. A division between carpeted and hardwood floor areas can also be improved by affixing this same plastic matting; therefore, making access from room to room much easier.

Manual wheelchairs may often prove painful to self-wheel due to the much more fragile skin of an elderly person. Consider investing in a pair of fingerless gloves which will reduce the amount of direct friction on the skin of the palms.

Items required for toileting may be unreachable from the toilet, and, in this case it may be helpful to secure a basket to a nearby wall to hold needed supplies. Alternatively, a small table or shelf may also correct the issue.

A remote light switch works well for turning on and off freestanding lamps when arthritis limits dexterity in hands and fingers.

A motion alarm may help to safely alert a senior when company is near the home. The aging process along with many medications may affect an elder’s hearing and notification of a guest in advance of his/her walking in the front door may be appreciated.

Position chairs for optimal hearing by the senior when guests visit; especially when he/she has better hearing acuity out of one ear versus another.

Seniors who may need assistance (financial or labor) to make home improvements, contact Resources for Seniors located in Raleigh, North Carolina. A little planning, thought and ‘thinking outside of the box’ may just provide the solutions needed to improve safety while maintaining independence.

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