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Think like a princess too

Kevin Hart, Steve Harvey and the whole cast are at it again. With a star studded array of actors, the Think Like A Man originals are back with a vengeance. After the massive success of the prequel, Hollywood execs have ordered round two of the comedy set to modern, complicated relationships that set records last year grossing over 34 million. Harvey seems to strike gold with every swing, and this go around is no exception!

As many prepare to catch Think Like A Man Too in theaters, I have seen the advertisements more frequently. It started me thinking about the constant shifts in relationships, my recent release of a relationship book and how many newer clients are expressing they need help. We have a lot of people telling ladies how to think, what to think and who to think it with. But I wanted to remind them that thinking like someone else will never get you the results you want. To experience success in relationships, it takes the presence of mind to think from the perspective of royalty; after all every girl is born a princess, right?

When I mention princesses, which I have been doing plenty since I released The Modern Princess; A 21st Century Guide To Fairy Tale Relationships, it conjures mixed emotions. On one hand, some ladies feel it is somehow an insult to call them a “Princess.” Like it is somehow degrading or condescending. For me, that term has always been one of sincerity and honor. What better way to remind the women around us that they deserve the best rather than by referring to them as royalty. In fact, I wrote this book for that very purpose. When we think better, we behave better and make better decisions. In my opinion, we can definitely use some better decisions especially around the area of relationships!

Here are a few things I believe every princess should be thinking:

•Think like a Princess by believing you have worth and value: It’s been said that when you know your own value you will stop giving everyone discounts. It all starts from within. Most are accustomed to celebrating everyone but themselves. That has to change. The degree in which you can support others is in direct proportion to how you feel about yourself. The best thing you can do to sustain outside relationships is have a healthy love affair with “You.”
•Think like a princess by setting boundaries for those in your life: It’s funny how people get uncomfortable when you bring up boundaries. We have to realize that boundaries aren’t a bad thing. It is an absolute necessity if you want functional relationships. On any street in America, our property lines are separated by fences or other structures. They help us identify where our “stuff” starts and another’s ends. Without these identifiers, we all would trespass all the time. Boundaries help set the correct expectations for interaction.
•Think like a princess by expecting the type of love you deserve: Excuses are the language of the dysfunctional. If you listen to yourself, do you make excuses for how people are treating you? If so, you’re NOT thinking like a princess! It takes courage to let people know how to treat and love you. Until you do this, you will always live with someone’s love leftovers. You should be connecting with people who celebrate you, not agitate you. Don’t make excuses, make a roster change.

I am sure we are in for a fun time checking out the second installment of Harvey’s Think Like A Man franchise. If it’s anything like the first one, they will be making fun of bad relationships and how we relate with each other. What’s not funny however is being stuck in one of those relationships because you don’t know how to navigate change. Make it your priority to keep your mind right, and keep thinking like the royal princess you are.

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