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"Think Like A Man" Stars Talk Vegas Shenanigans and Bachelor Parties

Michael Ealy and Meagan Good attend the Philly premiere of "Think Like A Man Too" at the Prince Music Theater.
Padraic Maroney

This weekend, “Think Like a Man Too” hit Vegas and cleaned up with audiences. Everyone’s favorite couples from the original film, based on the bestselling book "Think Like A Man" by Steve Harvey, are back and showing the next step in their relationships. The film's stars, Meagan Good and Michael Ealy, recently stopped in Philadelphia to promote the film with a red carpet premiere at the Prince Music Theater. While in town, we attempted to get them to answer the age old question of who really knows how to have fun in Vegas: guys or girls?

“I used to think it was guys, but quietly I am starting to lean towards the girls. I am really starting to lean towards the girls,” Ealy said with laugh. “Women are getting a little bit more buck wild these days – especially the girls on our set! They had more fun than we did.”

Chiming in, Good disagrees with her co-star: “The girls, we attempted, but we were a little mellow. We couldn't be drinking and doing a whole lot – we got to keep it together.”

Partially to blame for the less than sinful trip to Vegas was the film's shooting schedule.

“You would think it was a little bit crazier than it was. But it was actually kind of mellow once we got there and realized that we would be going to sleep around five in the afternoon so that we could get up at midnight and head to work at 1 a.m. and starting filming at 2 a.m.” She admits that there was some fun to be had, however. “It still had its festiveness and we would see lady of the nights and go, ‘oh there she goes, oh she got someone.’ And that was kind of how our nights would go.”

In the film, the characters are brought to Vegas for a wedding. But before any vows can be made, bachelor and bachelorette parties must be held. In real life, both Ealy and Good are married, so it had to be asked if they had any crazy stories of their own to share. It turned out that Good used her bachelorette party as a way to cross something off of her bucket list. It was her dream to be able to perform with The Pussycat Dolls.

“I said ok, I am marrying a minister; this is my last chance to do it. I studied the choreography with Robin Antin and Mikey and I learned it all. I was all excited. I am going to have my outfit – I [was] not going to do the G-string and all that. I was going to do a cute little classy wedding thing with a long train. I was walking down, doing my stuff and my heel got caught in my train and I fell onstage. My mother-in-law to be was there, my mom was there, my bridesmaids were there; it was retched, I fell to the ground,” recalls Good about the incident, before adding, “I was like, ‘oh my god what would beyonce do?’ So, I just stepped back up and kept going.”

Ealy didn’t have a bachelor party of his own, but based on what happens in the film, he might have dodged a bullet.

“This bachelor party was awful. Kevin hart was the leader and he led us into the abyss. We just ran into problem after problem,” Ealy says about the film. “Usually you see the guys having more fun. We struggled in this movie to have some fun because Kevin was just a nightmare. He is the worst best man.”

This isn’t the first go around with Vegas that Ealy has had onscreen. Though he hadn’t actually filmed in Sin City previously, he appeared in the “Last Vegas” in 2013. With multiple Vegas themed films under his belt, Ealy has a few recommendations for making out alive from the strip.

“I wouldn’t stay more than three days. I think if you stay more than three days in vegas you have done too much. I think the cirque de soliel shows are fantastic, wonderful experience for everybody,” Ealy explained before offering a few warnings. “Try not to gamble past two am. If you can, be careful of the women who approach you in the bar.”

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