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Think green while holiday shopping this season


        Make your Christmas greener this year.

Every year, we get stuck on one or two people during our holiday shopping rush that we just can’t seem to find the right gift for. This season, whether it’s your crazy uncle or your picky mother-in-law, think green to come up with a solution. You don’t have to be a tree hugger or spend a wallet full of cash to enjoy the benefits of an eco-friendly gift. As awareness for the environment continues to grow, more companies are diving into the green market. Because of the rising trend, you can now find an earth-friendly gift for virtually anyone on your list. No matter how picky your loved ones may be, you’re likely to find one of these gift ideas to be the perfect solution. When in doubt, think of it this way: you could be giving them a lump of coal.

1. Hobo Bags (Rising Tide): If you just can’t seem to pinpoint a gift for the trend setter in your family this holiday season, Rising Tide Fair Trade may have the answer. Hobo bags are the latest fashion to hit the purse world, and suit women of all ages looking for a cute bag to use daily on the go. Rising Tide has developed a number of different Hobo bags, using various fair trade quilts and cotton in their creations. Hobos start at $140.00 on their Website, but you may be able to find even better deals in the sale section.

2. Soy Candles (Caterpillars Candles):
Everyone can use some down time, and there’s no better way to set the mood than with candles. This holiday season, give the gift of all-natural candles by purchasing them at Here, you can find a variety of different soy candles at a great wholesale price, and you’ll be doing your part to save the environment. Caterpillars Candles is a zero-waste company, meaning they recycle everything they use. Jar candles start as low as $4.15, and they sell a variety of candle accessories as well.

3. Oxygenics Evolution Showerhead (Oxygenics):
Showers, along with other water-based necessities, account for a large amount of water waste. However, with the Oxygenics Evolution Showerhead, we can cut down on the wasting and get back to saving. Now, giving a gift that a person can use daily is not only practical, but eco-friendly as well. With a 360° rotating head and clog-free components, showering is no longer stressful. The chrome head starts at $64.95.

           Green Toys Inc.

4. The Self-Sufficient Home: Going Green and Saving Money (Stackpole Books): For the book lover on your list, give them something revolutionary to read about this winter. In The Self-Sufficient Home: Going Green and Saving Money, Christopher Nyerges divulges plan to help you turn your household into a cash-saving machine in 288 pages. Not only will you learn tips and tricks on cutting down your monthly bills, but you’ll be teaching your family how to live more sustainably as well. This book is available for $19.95 in paperback.

5. Green Toys Inc.:
When shopping for the tots this season, don’t forget to think green. Toy developers have quickly pounced on the idea of sustainability as our culture progresses toward a more eco-friendly way of living. Green Toys Inc., which is based here in the United States, has created an entire business out of the notion. Their toys are made out of advanced environmentally-safe materials that help reduce carbon emissions. Green Toys Inc. makes everything from tea party sets for girls to construction trucks for boys, and most of their products are safe for children age three and up. Visit their Website to locate a vendor near you that carries these green goodies for the kids.