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Things your kindergartener must know

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“Put your right hand in put your right hand out; put your right hand back in shake it all about…” The Hockey Pokey song is one of the many songs kindergarteners will sing to help them learn.

At the end of the semester year your kindergartener must know the below elements:

Day sequence: When you plan for the week with your child he should understand when you say the family will do this today, tomorrow or did it yesterday.

Left/right: It is at this age that your child should resolve whether or not he or she is a lefty or righty. It will be a natural process owing to the many classroom interactions. Some children are ambidextrous, they can use both right and left hand interchangeably.

Attention span: The classroom routine and assignments will strengthen your child’s concentration and hence teach him to stay focus for 15 minutes or more.
Recognition: Your kindergartener should be able to identify all primary colors, the alphabet and their sound, as well as read simple sight word sentences.

Spell: At mid-semester your child should recognize and spell his first and last name. It should be a blocked letters and a bit slanted but legible. He should know his address and phone number. He should also be able to write 3 letter words such as “mat” and “cat”.

Story time: Your kindergarten after you read a bed time story should be able to retell the story. His imagination is vast and unlimited.

Arithmetic: Promotion to 1st grade will be measured by your kindergartener’s ability to count up to 100, add and subtract basic 2 digit numbers, and recognition of some shapes.

Opinionated: Along with a vivid imagination your kindergartener will be very talkative about school and household events. He should be able to express himself in drawing and writing form.

Look for these “should know” every day in your child’s backpack and when he interactions within the family. If they are not there consult with your child’s teacher as soon as possible.

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