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Things you might not know about being 'hangry'

Are you familiar with the word "hangry"? According to the Urban Dictionary, "hangry" occurs when a person is both hungry and angry at the same time. It happens when a person becomes so hungry that his lack of food causes him to become angry, frustrated or both. The word has been around for about nine years.

The Huffington Post reported that hangry is the emotion where hunger and anger intersect, and it is a terrifying place to be in. There are lots of reasons we get hangry, but for most of us, the result is the same. Hangry people become like the "Incredible Hulk."

We should never make major decisions when we are hungry or angry and especially when we are both. Don't talk about anything important on an empty stomach. That's why business meetings usually take place over a meal. Try never to argue with a spouse, co-worker or anyone else when you are angry, hungry or a combination of both. Hangry makes for some bad decisions and unforgivable words spoken. A study at Ohio State University has proven that married couples are more likely to fight when their blood glucose levels are low.

Fortunately, hanger can be stopped. The Huffington Post reached out to registered dietitian for a few tips on warding off hanger. The main thing to do is to keep the right snack handy, and do not wait until you get excessively hungry before you eat. Eating a piece of fruit will tide you over to your next meal.

Whatever you do, try not to fall into the trap of being hungry and angry at the same time.

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