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Things you may not know about Esther Schmucker from 'Amish Mafia'

Esther Schmucker, star of "Amish Mafia" has a Facebook page in which she posts pictures and things that are happening in her life. With the episode coming out next week that shows Ether living a double life, she has touched on it in several posts and pictures.

Esther Schmucker
Discovery Channel

The most recent picture of Esther living an English life was posted on March 25, 2014. She and her brother, John, are wearing English cloths. The caption reads, “My revenge was dressing up and having a night with people who matter the most. And yes I dress in regular clothing occasionally. Sue me. The loss is his. I keep it moving, eye on the priz and losing isn't an option. We women need to unite.”

Esther has several pictures showing a double life. In one picture dated, March 11, 2013, she is seen in the driver’s seat of a bright red car. Another picture dated Feb. 15, 2014, is a head and shoulders shot of her in English clothes, her hair loose and free. She wrote, “Out and about with some friends. Lets see what kind of trouble we can find tonight.”

She has another picture on March 7, 2014 that shows Esther from waist up in English clothes. This one has a slightly different caption. “Yes its Friday night and I'm letting my hair down.. I always work hard but tonight I need some down time. Levi loves this hairstyle
Might as well enjoy it now before I get baptized in the church.”

There are many more pictures on Esther's Facebook page. They include her in Amish clothes, Amish buggies and witty sayings. However, that’s not all that Esther has to offer there. She apparently sells things in her store. She posted pictures of English dresses, along with English and Amish aprons that she sewed herself.

Esther is taking orders for her quilts, in all sizes and patterns. She simply asks people to message her if they have any questions on prices or special orders. She has a cookbook for sale too. The price of the cookbook is $20 plus shipping and handling. Although she has yet to post prices for her other products, she invites anyone interested to message her and ask.

Esther and her brother, John, have a Meet n Greet coming up on April 19, 2014. The admission price when she first announced this was $50 per person plus a $3 fee. After checking out the site again for ticket information, her prices have dropped to $30 with a $2.64 fee per person. Included in the price is one autographed picture.

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