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Things to think about when planning your honeymoon travels

Emin Photography  www.em34.comOkay Anaheim Brides, I may be guilty of sterotyping here, but my own experience tells me that if you want to get the groom interested in wedding planning, start with the honeymoon plans first!  Pour some wine and make it a date night to start surfing the web for travel blogs and websites. You will find so much fun and useful information to use for planning what could be the most memorable trip you will ever go on.

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Sharing Travel Experiences is an on-line travel magazine that I personally enjoy reading when I want to dream about future travels. I asked their Managing Editor, Andy Hayes, to share some tips for couples planning their honeymoons. This is what he sent (thanks Andy!):

"It’s your honeymoon, so you want it to be absolutely perfect, right? Well, get rid of that notion right now. Travel is rarely uneventful and in fact a little bit of serendipity builds character and makes for a good story when you get home. So many brides and grooms get so worked up over the whole thing that I’d like to share five things you should think about when planning your honeymoon travels. Hopefully they’ll help you plan a honeymoon more in tune with your real needs and expectations.

1) Don’t treat it as a “to do list” item. It’s a celebration. When something nice turns into an obligation and a must-do, it’s not as fun anymore, is it? Stop treating your honeymoon as this massive to do list item that sits on a pedestal waiting for you to take action. Stop watching all those movies filling your head with unrealistic expectations about honeymoons. A honeymoon is a private celebration between the two of you to honor the marriage you’ve just formalized. That’s it. So, how do you want to celebrate?

2) It’s the experience, not the destination. Every year there’s the latest "it" destination. Just because everyone else is there and all the bargains are there, doesn’t mean you should go. Decide what kind of honeymoon holiday you want and then pick a place. Remember, almost all countries have both secluded beaches and cosmopolitan chaos.

3) It’s probably best to involve a professional. You’re probably saying to yourself, "of course he’ll say that, he is one!" Yes, full disclosure applies, but I’m not saying this because I stand to benefit. Having a travel agent or travel concierge involved gives you a layer of insurance. If flights go awry, if the hotel just isn’t suitable, or god forbid there is an accident, you can contact your agent for support and assistance. And for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, isn’t that a good thing?

4) Make sure you can see the forest and the trees. You know the old proverb about not seeing the forest because of the trees? Well, don’t do that. A lot of couples-to-be get hung up on having rose petals on the bed and a private suite with beach access. But don’t forget the big picture: will you get bored if there’s only the two of you and a beach? Details are important, but so is knowing you have a 20 hour flight in coach class with two connections before you get to those rose petals.

5) There are two of you involved. It goes without saying, but everyone’s needs have to be catered for, so have a frank discussion about what you want and more importantly what you don’t want. This is the beginning of a new chapter of your life, so why not start things off on the right note?"

Check out Andy's website for further tips on how to make your destination wedding, honeymoon, or any upcoming travels more authentic, rich, and experiential. But before you move on...  take a peek at the slideshow below for some of Andy's and his readers' honeymoon ideas.

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Photo above by Emin Photography