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Things to think about ahead of Walleye opener: Safety

Nice fish during walleye opener
Brad Putney, True North Photography 2011

The Minnesota Walleye opener is just around the corner on Saturday, May 12th. With the early spring, fisherman all over the state are chomping at the bit to get out on the water and chase some fish around. However, let me give you a few safety items to remember before getting the boat wet.

• Double check your registration stickers on both the boat and the trailer to ensure they are up to date.

• Please make sure that everyone on board has their own PFD.

• If your boat is 16 feet or more you need to have that throwable device on board.

• Trailer your boat with all the plugs OUT. Let's stop the spread of invasive species.

• And while I really hate cell phones on the water, go ahead and keep one on board. Not only can you make an emergency call, but many smart phones offer a weather app to help you watch those western skies.

Have a great weekend on the water, here's hoping you find many walleyes.

Next time: finding and catching fish with an early ice out.


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