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Things to Look for When Interviewing a Real Estate Agent!


Most of us have heard that first impressions are important. There is a reason for this thought process. First impressions are like gut reactions. Many times your first impression or gut reaction is a true indicator of what is to come.

If the agent is dressed poorly or overdressed for the occasion you will begin to form an opinion about them and their professionalism. Some listing agents are rather avant-garde while others are very conservative. Keep in mind, you must be able to work with this agent after the listing is signed and you want to visit with them about their marketing program.

Things to look for in personal appearance include the agent's overall appeal. Will prospective buyers and agents who meet your representative find them friendly and professional and well organized?

Does the agent dress professionally and would they represent you in a negotiation the way you would like to be represented? Watch out for agents that smell like cigarette smoke, dress inappropriately, or present their materials in a sloppy manner.

When the agent arrived at your home for the initial interview, did he gather the appropriate information and give you an opportunity to share the be positives and negatives that you believe will affect the sale of your home?

Did the agent talk to you about your home and understand your goals and objectives? Many agents arrive for the listing appointment having never seen your home and therefore cannot take into consideration the features, design, and sizzle factors of your home when compared to similar homes in your area. All homes have positive factors that must be accentuated. The key to marketing your home, is to emphasize the positive factors in order to minimize the negative factors.

Does the agent understand your needs regarding the financial aspects of selling your home. Did they take into consideration the time frame required to meet your needs in putting your home on the market, properly marketing your home, and working toward the achievement of the objectives of getting your homes sold?

When the agent arrived for the appointment did it appear that they had taken the opportunity to list your home seriously? Did they treat the meeting as an important interview and demonstrate proper preparation for your interview?

Did the agent have a thorough understanding of the homes that were used in the comparative analysis? Did the agent have first-hand knowledge of the homes that were used in the analysis or obtain specific data to support the recommendations regarding price comparison?

Did the agent understand the architectural design and positive features of your home compared to the market situation now?

Many agents allocate a small amount of time for each appointment. When the agent you're interviewing arrived, did they devote enough time to properly explain their analysis and provide time for your questions and answers.

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