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Things to know about a polyamory relationship

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The concept of a polyamory relationship can be new for you as traditionally a love relationship needs two individuals who come closer to each other to complete their relationship. It was popularly known as a monogamy relationship in which people marry with their soul mate and live compromisingly with him/her throughout their life and have children, even if there is no or less compatibility among them. In such cases people go for love relationships with others which may cause divorce or infidelity among the married couples.

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The increasing rate of infidelity and divorce incidents had proved that people are not satisfied with their monogamous relationship in their life. A single person may not be perfect to fulfill anyone’s all types of needs including intellectual, love and sexual etc. because everyone has individual interests. This idea has given birth to multiple love relationships or polyamorous relationships which are defined as multiple relationships with the mutual consent of the partners.

Though it is not easy to accept the concept of polyamorous relationships, as monogamy is in social practice since long but if people understand this concept precisely then it will be easy to control the cases of divorce and infidelity in the society. Some benefits of a polyamorous relationship are provided hereunder to understand this concept more accurately.

Non-sexual friendship:

A Polyamorous relationship is not related with sexual relationships only as you can have deep non-sexual relationship with some one with whom you are emotionally attached. This type of relationship may cause jealousy to your existing partners due to the depth of your relationship with your polyamorous partner. Jealousy may be felt by your spouse due to the insecure feeling arising in his/her mind caused by the increasing time spent with the polyamorous partner. There may be a sexual relationship with the polyamorous partner with time, due to human nature but if you are honest with your relationship them it can last longer without any problem. In this way you can have someone who can understand your emotions without any sexual relationship.

Meet needs without any mental stress:

A Polyamorous relationship also allows you to fulfill your needs, emotional, intellectual and love etc. without any mental stress as the relationship is developed with the mutual consent of the partners. This relationship allows you to enjoy the best features of many people at a time which can increase the possibility of fulfilling your needs more accurately. People in your polyamorous relationship can be perfect in different fields as no two persons can behave similarly. Suppose you need children from your married beloved partner but he/she is not ready then either you will have to adjust with your partner or remain stressed about your needs. A Polyamorous relationship allows you to fulfill your parenting need from your other partner without disturbing your relationship with your married life partner. In this way you can easily get all the things which your single monogamy partner can not provide you at a time.

Friendship with unusual people:

A Polyamory relationship provides you with an opportunity to get in relationship with the people with unusual qualities. You can also get in relationship with the lovers and partners of your polyamorous partner, if he/she is comfortable with it. It saves you to be in unusual and unconditional relationship with the same person for long time, even if you love him/her or not. It provides you friends with whom you can openly discuss your problems to come to some viable solution.

Love remains alive in your life:

A Polyamorous relationship helps in keeping the love alive in your life, the spark of which might have extinguished after few years of monogamous relationship. Your relationship with a new person re-energizes the loving instinct in you every time. It allows you to prove your existence in the world which you might have lost in your long monotonous relationship. People normally forget their special features in their boring repetitive life with their single person relationship. A Polyamorous relationship allows you to meet interesting people with different qualities which again initiate that spark of love in your life which will re-energize not only you but also your existing relationships.

Thus a polyamory relationship is very beneficial to reduce the increasing infidelity or divorce cases on the society, if it is adopted with full honesty by all of its partners.

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