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"Things to help ypo succeed with your health and wellness goals"

"Things to help you succeed with your health and wellness goals"

By Leo Costa and Joe Breen C.F.T.

Although the personal fitness and health club business is a muti- billion dollar business, many people still have a hard time reaching their health goals. There are no shortage of gyms to go to or books available, and yet obesity is at an all time high in this country. In this article we will share some things you can do to avoid being lumped in this group.

One of the first traps people fall into is waiting for a certain event to happen which will convince them that now is the time to dust off those sweatpants and sneakers and kick it into high gear. Unfortunately there will never be a perfect time when the skies alignand there are no pressures. As readers on "The Las Vegas Informer" site, you are already programmed to take action. Now is as good a time as any, if you can devote just three hours a week to meeting your goals, you will be on your way to success.

You also have to have a clear goal or a vision of what you want to acheive. Your goals or vision has got to be something to keeps you going on days, you don't want to get up and do it. It could be looking good for a reunion, getting in shape for a vacation. It doesn't all goals are vailid goals. You just have to have a strong one and stick to it. The other obstacle is fear of failure, as long as you are in the game and still learning you will not fail. If you learn something, you will have a new tool in your tool box, that you can use.

One of the other things that keeps people from the results they want is going at it alone. One of the things we have found in our "Guaranteed Fitness" studios is that we train several clients at a time, people not only feel accountable to us as trainers, but also to the other people who train with them in a group. Having a partner that depends on you will give you that extra push to stay on a program.

The last ingredient to success is a plan. The reason most people quit on a fitness plan is their lack of knowledge. In these tough times most people can't afford to pay $150.00 an hour for a personal trainer. However you need to have basic knowledge and plan that takes into account the factors that lead to success on an ongoing basis in the gym. With our " Automatic Fitness' program we have designed a program that focuses on the three factors that generate success. Weight training, cardio, and nutrition, in the ratios that will lead to results, but also with enough flexability to work around your schedule and also around the traffic at the gym. Basically in a nutshell, if you can get to the gym we can show you a program that you can do in 1 hour no matter how busy the gym is, or what machines are taken. For more information on these plans go to For more information on proper mental conditioning go to where you can pre-order "Perlcolate" by Elizabeth Hamilion- Gurano and go to where you can pick up "Mental Karate" by legendary martial arts and personal development guru Tom Muzila. Stay commited to your goals.

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