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Things to do in South LA for single moms

Lemeirt Park at its finest!
Lemeirt Park at its finest!
South Los Angeles

Single mothers are always looking for things to do in Southern California.  With a city filled with lights, cameras and action, most adults become engulfed in the eccentricity of the over populated city, like a kid in a candy store. 

Leimert Park has long been the heart and soul of South Los Angeles.  It's the epicenter for everything Afrocentric, providing a bridge - of sorts - for the culturally aware and those who dare.  On any given day, you can drive down Crenshaw Blvd, headed North toward Hollywood and stumble upon the richness of California's hub - street vendors with the best smelling oils and incense, bean pies sold on the corner of Slauson Ave., car show gatherings and impromptu theatrical ensembles. 

Holiday's in South Los Angeles give people options in finding things to do.  The lights are all aglow on the corner of Vernon while the drummers beat their instruments in the still of the night.  Onlookers randomly stop to witness the untrained musicians as they entertain and some even chime in with their two-step foot stomp.  And yes, this is all simultaneous with the ladies making their "B line" to the corner beauty supply shop to purchase yet another weft of silky weave.  

The best part is the Farmers Market held every Saturday from 10am -3pm.  This not only provides people things to do but it is also a place where single moms are a hot commodity.  Unsuspecting men peruse the surroundings looking for someone - just anyone - to help them pick the ripest fruit.  It often becomes a game of cat and mouse but it is one of many things to do in South Los Angeles.      

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