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Things to do on your 2014 summer paranormal vacations

Pack your bags for adventure
Pack your bags for adventure
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Mind to Mind: An Evening of Psychic Theater with Sebastian Black

JUNE 21, 2014 at the Shanley Hotel this is one event you don't want to miss

An evening of Psychic Demonstration and Hypnotic Séance.

* Throughout the evening, there will be demonstrations of Para-Psychic Phenomena.

* Sebastian will deliver meaningful Spirit messages from your loved ones.

* Contact with the Spirits of The Shanley Hotel will be attempted,

* The Evening will conclude with a Hypnotic Séance.

All inclusive: Midnight Ghost Investigation and Overnight Accommodations.
Refreshments & Continental Breakfast is also included.
Tickets Only $85.00 per-person

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This event will take place in the Shanley Hotel, which is home to many Spirits; therefore if you are easily frightened, you are cautioned to use discretion in attending.

For more information:


Well summer is here and a Good Ghost Story Movie and Ghost Investigation is Order...What I have decided to offer was a private screening of, House at the End of the Drive in the haunted theater here in my house before the Ghost Hunt. Seven hours in a place that Zak Bagans flew out of! All this excitement is only $125.00 per ticket. Get your tickets here. We start at 8pm the screening is till 9:45pm and the investigation begins and goes till 3am. Ghost Adventures was here and they left in a hurry but you can investigate the place that Zak, Aaron and Nick went in the season 9 premiere episode...The Oman House...come investigate for yourself... We have limited space 1 Tour is set for Friday June 6th 8:00pm till 3:00am. Tours are limited to 12 guests. The Oman house has been seen Ghost Hunters, My Ghost Story, Paranormal Witness, Haunted History and this past February 15th on the Season 9 Premiere of Ghost Adventures. If you interested in coming along a real life Ghost Investigation like the ones on TV but better, than this is your chance. We have a shuttle bus and location to park your cars at and see and experience first-hand the Oman house.

Take a look at the videos shot here at The Oman House for the movie website


The most haunted Hotel Vendome in Prescott, Arizona is having a FACEBOOK CONTEST!
Do you have an amazing secret BAKING RECIPE that you share with no one??? Well I want them! Please post the NAME and a BRIEF DESCRIPTION and we will all vote! Share it on your page and ask your friends to help! The recipe with the most votes will not only be served at the Vendome but you will also win a copy of one of my favorite baking books, DAHLIA BAKERY. Contest ends June 30th! Only one entry per person please!

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