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Things to do at the public library

With the digital age came lots of great media including computers, CD's, digital cameras, DVD's, and so on, and it seems we forgot about the old ones. Newspapers subscriptions are down, instead of developing a roll of film people take in their memory card, and public librarys are having a hard time gettting funding. The library is not thr same place it was 20 years ago where the only computer there was an electronic card catolog. Now there is so much more than just books, not that there is anything wrong with books, but one thing has remained the same, its still free.

Denver public library

  •  There are 22 locations across Denver, they have, more than 2.3 million items in their collection, a bookmobile, and 539 public access computers. They have almost 16,000 programs for kids and teens, and over 575,000 registered library cards. 
  • They are part of, an online information service provided by Colorado libraries, that answers questions 24 hours a day, and help with homework research.
  • They have wealth of downloadable media including eflicks and ebooks.
  • Story time at the branches varies so check your local branch for times.
  • Denver public library also has a western history and geneology web site.
  • Find out more at

Jefferson county public library

  • There are 10 locations in Jefferson county, 8 of which offer Wi-Fi, more than 1 million items in their collection, a bookmobile, over 200 public access computers. They provide tons of programs for all ages, including computer classes like Excel and Word, tax help classes, and after school programs to name a few.
  • They participate in a human search engine
  • A full line of downloadable media including audio books and music.
  • Online tools include a search, pay fines, reserve a computer, optimal resume, and many more.
  • Ancestry Library Edition for geneology research
  • Resources for parents
  • For kids they have computers with filtered internet searches, story time, homework help and activites.
  • For more information go to


The two largest counties are featured above, if you live in another county follow the links below to find out more about your local library.


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