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Things to Consider While Choosing a Domain Name

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This is the era of online business. The best source for marketing of your business is “Internet”. So if you want to setup an online business relationship with your customer then the first thing you are going to start with is “Website”. When we talk about website then the important thing that pops up in mind is “Domain name”. The domain name that you will choose will definitely affect your business because every domain has its own quality parameters. Every year Top Level Domains are available to set websites. Domain names can be very lucky in increasing your business visibility and increasing number of customers. So while choosing a domain name you should consider following factors:

List top 5 keywords:
Before starting anything, make a list of 5 top keywords that can best represent your business. The name should describe your business. The name is the first thing that people will follow to reach your business site. So it should be easy and specific to your business. Start searching with your keyword list and add suffix and prefix, until you find out a perfect domain for your business.

Always be unique:
Always be unique while choosing your domain name. If you will follow the popular websites name by choosing your domain name close to them, then it will be a disaster. For example:, if you choose youtubes or utube name, then you will lead people towards instead of your site because was already in the mind of people and it is famous. You will get nothing if you will try to live in the shadow of other famous websites, so be unique while choosing your domain.

Go easy:
Choose easy and short name which is easy to write and remember. If you will choose too much complex name, then people will have difficulty to correctly write it and you may lead them towards another website. People are the best way of spreading your words. Means when people want to tell others about your website and they forget your website name because you have a terrifying website name then, you will lose a large portion of your customers.

Reject hyphens or numbers:
Do not use the hyphens and numbers while choosing the domain. It won’t be easy to remember and typing so you will lose some value. Be precise with the domain name.

Give your domain, your brand name:
Instead of going with general names, you should choose the domain according to your brand name. For example: is a general name, but if you will go with your specific company or brand name that will be more pleasant like Adding the name of your company will add more value to your domain name.

Domain name should describe your business:
Choose a domain name that describes your business in just a single word. If someone hears about your website he or she should get the idea from your domain name that what is your site about and what they will find there. For example:,, these domain names clearly show that what kind of content is available on these sites. So, your domain name should also describe your business in a word.