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Things to Consider while Buying Bathroom Tiles

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When buying a new home or renovating an existing one, people usually concentrate more on the living room, dining room and bedrooms. The kitchen and the bathroom are pretty much neglected, especially the latter. It is astonishing how people give so little thought to doing up their bathroom nicely. A beautiful bathroom can do wonders for your day, given that it is the first place you shall go to every morning. It may sound silly, but making sure that your bathroom looks very nice is really important.

Tiles are an extremely important instalment to your bathroom. They are the cheapest and best kind of flooring for your bathroom, for they are easy to install and will never be damaged by the water. You want to use ones which are useful, beautiful, inexpensive and most importantly, not slippery. You should always keep the last factor in mind when you choose your bathroom tiles. Slipping on the wet floor and falling can cause very serious injuries, and you want to avoid that at any cost.

You want to opt for tiles that will last for a long time. It is not every day that you furnish your house, and you do not want to go about replacing your bathroom tiles every other year, for some tiles can be prone to cracks. It is very important to choose the right tiles for your bathroom that will endure as well as look good.

What Kind of Tiles you should Buy?

Remember, you do not always have to get boring white tiles or even fancy ones. It is, after all, the bathroom, so you should opt for something that looks nice but neat. You do not want to overdo it. It is imperative that your bathroom looks neat and clean, so you might want to avoid tiles with too intricate designs on them.

Deep colours absorb light and can make a room look smaller, albeit cosy. You should opt for the lighter colours to give your bathroom a spacious and airy look. Light coloured tiles are always a good idea for bathroom flooring.
Tiles with designs on them work better for walls, whereas plain tiles will look very nice on your floor. You might consider giving your floor a border with a differently coloured tile than the rest or one that is heavily designed if you want something unique. It will give your floor a bold look without making it too cluttered.

Bathroom wall tiles come in different sizes. Large tiles, being lesser in number are more easy to install and faster too. Smaller tiles will be more in number and thus take more time. However, you can create patterns on your floor with small tiles of different colours or designs.

The utmost important thing you have to consider is that the tiles not be slippery. You do not want to slip on the floor of your wet bathroom floor and hitting your head or injuring your back. Hence, finding tiles that will not cause you to slip should be your top priority.

While deciding the design or colour, you should think with a long-term outlook. Bold colours that seem fun and unique to you now might seem gaudy and loud later. Intricately designed tiles may go out of fashion in a few years, and they cost a lot too. So you should ideally opt for tiles that are neutral in both design and colour, which would mean that you will not have to replace them after a few years.

These days, bathroom and kitchen wall tiles are available online too. You can browse hundreds of designs and stores and decide on the ones you find the best. Do not underestimate low priced tiles as bad. You can get some really good deals with them and they are also durable. If you are looking for something that looks nice, lasts long and is not slippery, you should consider getting porcelain tiles for your bathroom.