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Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Lip Plumper

Do you wish to have full lips that lack lines and wrinkles? Fuller pout has been associated with beauty and youth form centuries ago. They appear smoother, lovely and fuller; they constitute the smile thereby enhance the appearance of your face.

Earlier majority of women turned to cosmetic surgery to get fuller lips. Solicited gossips and rumors regarding this procedure made women skeptical to undergo such painful procedures. The lip injections have bad reputation due to its invasiveness which proves quite painful. This procedure is quite risky and expensive considering its temporary outcome. You need to consult the surgeon every two to six months to retain healthy lips which is not worth considering the temporary enhancement.

There are some permanent lip injections that comprises of silicone. The dreadful silicone is implanted onto the lips to get the fuller appearance. The ugly rumor about the beauty fad caused from injecting chemicals to lips can ruin your overall appearance.

There are many lip plumpers in the market that is less dangerous effects compared to the injected chemicals. Let us now take a close look on the lip plumper reviews.

How it work?

The lip plumpers have been essential makeup product for women who want to have bigger and pouty lips. Lip plumpers contain all natural ingredients which help to expand the lip tissues which provide fullness to it. The plumper contains irritant that swells the lips and make it look bigger. The plumped effects on lips give you attractive and youthful look. Some lip plumpers contains ingredients that support stimulating the collagen levels under lips. These causes swelling on the lips and make them look bigger.

There are some lip plumpers that help to moisturize your lips naturally. This gives a natural glow to your lips and makes it shiny, glowing.

What are benefits?

Using lip plumper is very easy; similar to applying the lip dressing products. These products are available in variety of containers and tubes along with a wand. It contains semi-solid lip plumper that comes with a lipstick brush usually present in a pot. The lip roller can be directly applied to your lips to get fuller, rosy pout.

What to consider
You should check the color, ingredients present in the product and vitamins that help to give you fuller lips. You should consider the moisturizing property of the plumper.

Color: different shades and color of lip plumping products are available in the market. You should choose the best product that suits your skin tone. Pick the color that goes well with your makeup. You should buy the lip plumping products that have lighter shade to get maximized plumping effects.

Ingredients: Ingredients in these products are niacin, ginger root extract, pepper mint oil and cinnamon. This work to cause slight tingling on lips and give you plumped look for temporary basis. If you want to have the long term plumping effect looks for the ingredients like ceramides, candelilla and retinols. They enhance the beauty of your lips and also improve the blood circulation. Another set of ingredients which should be essentially present in this product includes menthol, peptides, jojoba, cinnamon and arginine. These work to give you healthy and fuller pout.

Moisturizers: Read the label of the product to avoid drying and other side-effects on lips. Check for a lip plumper that moisturize your skin and provide you with a perfect pout.

Vitamins: Vitamins like vitamin E prevents the chapping of your lips. It is also effective to reduce the peeling of skin. Vitamin B also helps in blood circulation. When you are buying, don’t forget to look for these in the label of the product.


Make sure to choose the right kind of lip plumper brand that suits your skin. Not all ingredients go well with the lip skin; some people might be allergic to certain ingredients. Read the lip plumper reviews to know more about how these products work, what are the ingredients contained in it, etc. Check frequently with new updates and latest lip plumping products to choose the latest and suitable product for fuller lips.