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Things that irritate your guests

Awhile ago, I posted an article about a few of the things that patrons do that annoy bartenders (Things that irritate your bartender), but now I feel it’s only fair to follow up with a few items that bartenders do that annoy their guests. Here is my short list of just a few of the things that annoy bar guests when they visit a bar.

1. Please don’t ignore us – We know that it gets busy, and that you have lots of things to do behind that bar, however, when it’s slowed down, or you obviously have few things to do, please spend some time checking on us, or even talking to us. That is probably why we are sitting here paying more for drinks than what we would at home, making them ourselves.
2. Please clean up – Again, we understand that it’s busy, but a clean bar area is essential if you want us to be there.
3. Tell us about the specials – When it’s happy hour, let us know! If there’s a drink special for the evening, please share! Keeping us in the dark about deals or specials makes us really irritated later if we find out we missed out on something.
4. No stupid names – Please, do not call me “boss”, “champ”, “buddy” or any other stupid little names, just to try to be friendly. If you want to be polite, just ask my name.
5. Know my name – If I visit your bar more than a couple of times a week, please get to know me, my name, and maybe even my usual drink, if it’s a standard trend. Familiarity makes me want to come in more, because I know that I’m known and appreciated at a bar, so I’m probably willing to spend more time and money there.

So, hopefully you bartenders out there will at least keep some of these items in mind, to help improve the guest – bartender relationship, and make the encounters better for both you, and for the guest.


  • Donna 5 years ago


  • Matty 5 years ago

    Good article. Personally, I don't mind being called "Buddy," as I usually do the same if the bartender is male. Also, it's a major bonus if you (the bartender) see someone come in wearing a certain team's jersey and you take the initiative to put that team's game on one of the TVs. The folks at the sports bar where I go do just that, and I make sure to fatten up their tip for doing so!

  • Jessie 5 years ago

    Nice.. i think knowing a name is the BEST thing a bartender can do to be a little bit more personal.

  • Lisa 5 years ago

    I totally agree to the fact of remembering your customer's names when they come in often - it makes me feel more welcome.
    On the other hand, just my opinion but I don't always want to order the same drink and a lot of times when I go into a certain bar with my boyfriend that we go into often, the bartender will automatically give us both the drinks that we usually order.

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