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Things that irritate your guests


  • Donna 6 years ago


  • Matty 6 years ago

    Good article. Personally, I don't mind being called "Buddy," as I usually do the same if the bartender is male. Also, it's a major bonus if you (the bartender) see someone come in wearing a certain team's jersey and you take the initiative to put that team's game on one of the TVs. The folks at the sports bar where I go do just that, and I make sure to fatten up their tip for doing so!

  • Jessie 6 years ago

    Nice.. i think knowing a name is the BEST thing a bartender can do to be a little bit more personal.

  • Lisa 6 years ago

    I totally agree to the fact of remembering your customer's names when they come in often - it makes me feel more welcome.
    On the other hand, just my opinion but I don't always want to order the same drink and a lot of times when I go into a certain bar with my boyfriend that we go into often, the bartender will automatically give us both the drinks that we usually order.

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