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Things Not to Do When You Think Your Home is Haunted

For many, seeing a ghost can be a frightening thing. In most cases, a spirit is not harmful, however, there are those that can very dangerous. Those who are not trained and/or experienced with dealing with the paranormal could create more problems by trying to handle the situation or make contact with the spirits they believe are living within their home.

Even if you are curious, it is important to not handle any form of paranormal activity on your own. There are many groups across the country that make it their job to help those facing scary and unknown situations. These groups are willing to come into your home, free of charge, conduct a thorough investigation and inform you of what you are dealing with. You will be notified of whether your home is haunted or not and what type of entity they believe is haunting you and your family.

In some cases, the paranormal group will allow you as the homeowner to be an active part of the investigation. If you are curious, ask the group you call in if you can help. Every paranormal investigator got their start somewhere and this could be what gets you started on your journey as a “ghost hunter.”

Here are the 10 things you should not do when you think your home is haunted:

  • Do not jump to conclusions: Never assume your home is haunted. Let a paranormal group conduct an investigation and make that determination.
  • Do not provoke the entity: Leave it alone and go on about your business as if it is not there.
  • Do not encourage it to stay: Never tell the ghost it is welcome to stay. If you do so, it may never leave.
  • Do not try to communicate: Unless you are standing face-to-face with a ghost, you should never try to communicate with what is haunting your home. It could open doors of communication and you may never be left alone.
  • Do not involve the media: The last thing you want is a media circus on your lawn or to be called a freak because you feel your home is haunted. Let the professionals handle everything.
  • Do not try to rid your home of the ghost yourself: Let the paranormal group that investigates your home help you get rid of the ghost. They are trained and know how to get rid of different types of entities.
  • Do not use a Ouija board: This could open doors and allow additional ghosts and evil spirits into your home.
  • Do not act afraid: Show no fear and continue on with your life. If you are afraid, make plans to go somewhere until the situation has been handled.

Hopefully this list helps you understand what not to do when you believe your home is haunted. There are plenty of groups and organizations that are able to help. If you truly believe your home is haunted, waste no time seeking assistance. The sooner you contact a paranormal investigation group, the sooner you can rid your home of the ghost that haunts it.

Happy haunting!

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