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Things my president has squandered

Did I do all that?
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First things first, whether you voted for him or not Barrack Hussein Obama is the president of our country. As such he is the figure head of what this country stands for. Thru his election and reelection a majority of citizens that bothered to vote said to the country and the world this is the man we want to guide and lead us.

When Obama took office America was not perfect but always moving forward. He inherited a nation of great wealth and talent and squandered it like Michael Jackson at FAO Schwarz. He alienated our friends and emboldened our enemies, some no longer trust us and even fewer fear us. He took a nation who streets were said to be paved with gold and turned it into a nation whose government offices are paved with benefits. Barrack squandered one of the best healthcare systems in the world to feed his legacy ego and enable controls on every American. Obama took a nation on the mend from the scars of slavery and segregation and picked at the scab only to pour salt on the wound.

All these things can be fixed. Our debt thru sacrifice can be paid; a strong leader will readjust the world’s view of us. Retire Obamacare with Sebelius. By enforcing existing laws evenly without prejudice or favoritism for all citizens rather than different laws for each voting bloc would help to bring Americans back together. The one thing that can’t be so easy erased from the Obama legacy is the loss of trust in our own government.

Corruption starts at the top and works its way down. Obama set the tone with “shovel ready” jobs that later became, LOL there really weren’t any jobs, to “You can keep you Doctor if you like him”. Moving onto Eric Holder who claimed Black Panthers were “our people”. This set the tone for the rest of the government. Lie, steal, and cheat, whatever it takes to advance the cause. Louis Lerner in collusion with Cummings to deny tax exempt status to conservative groups then punish them with investigations for even applying.

Is it any wonder that trust in Government is at an all time low? (Polls) After revelations from Snowden ,“revised” unemployment figures, to transparency, to how the economy is recovering how much do people really believe what comes out of the White House? What was once kept under the table with a wink and a nudge is now out in the open. Obama has made partisanship the express lane to promotion in government. Anyone that doesn’t agree with them is branded with a scarlet letter “C” for conservative and blacklisted. Just ask Brendan Eich co-founder and former CEO of Mozilla, Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A, or the thousand of law abiding gun owners who registered their firearms per law only to find their names and addresses printed in the local paper.

Some things Obama has tarnished can be reversed but how do we bring back integrity to government? Aggressive prosecution would be a start to show that partisanship no longer a smart career move. But first public awareness must be raised before it is too late. By ripping a page out of the liberal play book a “Diogenes of Sinope project” could be started. Homeless people could be equipped with flashlights to roam Washington and the Halls of Congress who when asked what they were doing only reply “I am looking for an honest man”. Just like the A&E show Finding Bigfoot we would never run out of actors and never find what we are looking for.

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