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Things he doesn't want to hear you say


Happy Friday, everyone! Since we're going into the weekend, I thought it might be nice to leave you with a relationship based article that is sure to lead to a good laugh or two; it's guaranteed at least a chuckle.

I was browsing the internet and came across a great site for men called It touches on many manly issues, but it also focuses heavily on relationships; of course, from a man's point of view. Quite often men and women just see things differently, and it's always nice to peek into the mind of a man.

The following article is based on things that men never want to hear come out of their woman's mouth:

Hmm...maybe I should write an article about things a woman never wants to hear her man say? I just might be onto something here. Enjoy the article and the weekend!


  • Shanica Atlanta Thirtysomething Relationship Exami 5 years ago

    Great article! Ladies next!!

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