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Things every model should know: Waxing

When we begin our careers there is so much to learn. Waxing hardly seems like a matter of importance but keep in mind your appearance is your business and realistically a models income can resemble a horrific roller coaster ride complete with moments of fear and panic. That said, you could save hundreds of dollars a year just by mastering this seriously not-rocket science task.

Waxing; A skill to aquire.
Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images

Both ladies and gentlemen need to be mindful of so many furry regions on our bodies and you probably won't have time to wait at the salon each and every time something sprouts up. With the world wide web at your finger tips and YouTube, figure this one out and you will still have the majority of your day to do much sexier things like watch reality TV, drink a mimosa or relax in a Jacuzzi to don your new Brazilian.

Except for your back, there is probably no region of your body that you can't reach to wax for yourself. Oh, and think of the amount of privacy you will have!

Some things to keep in mind:

1. Do a ton of research on different types of waxes, wax temperature and technique. Also, look up positives, negatives and alternatives. This is your precious skin we are talking about!

2. Consider going to a professional the first time you wax to see how they do it, but make sure that they use sanitary procedures such as never double dipping, always wearing gloves and make sure they keep the wax covered until it is time for it to be used. At the end of your experience look at your receipt super hard and then repeat the following words: "I will never pay that much for a waxing again." Chances are they charged you what it would have cost to buy five individual containers of your own individual wax and supplies which would have lasted several years into the future.

3. Some people have super sensitive skin. Waxing may leave their skin red and irritated for a longer period of time. Talk to a professional about that. There are numbing agents that can be used and skin soothing remedies.

4. Acne medication and skin treatments can make skin thin and sensitive. Talk to a dermatologist about mixing these with a wax routine.

Finally, if you can't wax consider getting an epilator. Braun arguably makes the best ones. And if you get nothing else out of this article click on the video to find out how wax can be used for self-defense.

Have a smooth day!

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