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Things Change: Men should no longer be viewed as emotionally simple

Real men value emotional security. Real men need to know and feel love. These aren't random statements, nor are they hard to believe if you're willing to accept a new truth. Men aren't the Neanderthals that women have been led to believe they are for decades. In fact, they may have never been.

Don't believe the hype written in mysogynistic songs. Men were always "up in their feelings". Sure, they weren't always taught how to process emotion. As little boys, they were taught never to cry when they were hurting, and such shows of emotion was considered weak. Naturally, this mentality carried over into everyday life, including relationships with the opposite sex. This caused men to seem as if they didn't care about love beyond the physical. However, this thinking was never completely accurate, especially when it came to enlightened men.

Love is no longer the singular goal of relationships for real men. Trust and security have now become a part of the conversation. And it's about time. While trust used to entail simply a woman not giving the goodies away to another, men now value their inner most secrets as well. In this day and age of social media, their hearts, reputations and inner most feelings can be splattered all over the internet for public consumption. This is emotionally fearful for today's men.

Men have always struggled to openly show their sensitive side, particularly in the company of other men. Wise women have never been fooled by such shows of machismo and bravado. While women have always been emotional open books, most men keep what they feel below the surface and reveal it when the time, space and mood is right.

In evaluating the truest feelings of a man, a woman must be willing to do some understanding of her own. While it has been long understood that women are the more emotional and complex creatures, men mustn't be views as some four-piece puzzle that can be easily assembled. Men can be complex as well, and if mishandled, hard to reel back in emotionally. While the time has long since come for men to learn to open up, the time has also come for women to be a little sensitive to their emotional needs.

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