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Things are turning sour at Saint Arnold Brewing

Saint Arnold Brewing
Saint Arnold Brewing

Saint Arnold Brewing, the oldest craft brewery in the state, is expanding its horizons in yet another new direction.

A new year- round product has been added to the Saint Arnold Brewing product lineup, and it’s an addition certain to result in grimaces on the faces of St. Arnold devotees. The new addition is Saint Arnold Boiler Room Berliner Weisse and it’s the first new year- round offering from Saint Arnold in two years. This new brew is a German- style wheat beer with a sour flavor profile and a lighter, less alcoholic composition, making it ideal for the warmer times of the year and/or those times when you want to imbibe a little more and not notice the effects.

What’s interesting about this new Saint Arnold beer is that it was created somewhat by accident. Personnel at Saint Arnold were brewing a batch of Fancy Lawnmower beer when someone discovered that about half of the malt was left on the floor and not in the mill. With a batch of diluted Fancy Lawnmover that could not be sold the way it was, brewer Stephen Rawlings would have to dump it- a very painful task for any brewer, since no one wants to see potential beer go down the drain. Rawlings, however, sensed an opportunity: Why not rescue the half- strength beer by creating something new? He drew 10 gallons out of the batch, added some Belgian beer loaded with good bacteria, then allowed it to sour for a few days in the boiler room. He then boiled the brew, let it ferment like usual, and Boiler Room Berliner Weisse was born.

Saint Arnold Brewing owner/founder Brock Wagner sees bright, refreshing light at the end of this unforeseen tunnel.

"This is the most complicated beer we have ever made, yet it is very light and delicate," said Wagner. "The result is an incredibly refreshing beer with the light sweetness of the malt balanced with the tartness from the sour wort. While intended to be enjoyed as is, I can also imagine it mixed with syrups or in a beer cocktail."

Saint Arnold Boiler Room Berliner Weisse is a lighter beer containing just 3.5 percent alcohol by volume. It’s the first year- round offering from Saint Arnold since Saint Arnold Endeavor was released in the early months of 2012. It is also the lightest year- round offering Saint Arnold has ever produced, from an alcohol by volume perspective.

Look for this new beer in draft form starting Wednesday, March 19th, followed by its release in 22-ounce bottles on Monday, March 24th.

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