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Things are looking up at Busch Gardens Tampa

There must be something in the water in Central Florida, as it seems like new and exciting projects are springing up out of the ground in the area's many themed attractions. As the original theme park and zoological preserve, the creative team at Busch Gardens has to balance not only the dreams of thrill seeking guests, but also the needs of their permanent residents; the animals.

There's a lot of good stuff happening at Busch Gardens Tampa.
Busch Gardens Public Relations

To find their most recent project, all you have to do is look up! At more than 300 feet tall, Falcon's Fury will be one of the tallest drop towers on Earth when it opens later this summer. Starting on Wednesday, Jan. 22, hundreds of lead blocks are being loaded plate by plate, 150 pounds at a time to create a counterweight.

Once fully constructed, the counterweight will total 68 tons and be loaded inside Falcon’s Fury. This unit will counterbalance the ride vehicle, similar to how an elevator operates, to create the force to pull riders nearly 300 feet up Falcon’s Fury. From there, gravity takes over!

For lovers of the thrill rides that have helped to put the park on the map, this will be a must do. For some of the coaster chickens out there, and you know who you are, this will be yet another ride to gaze at in amazement and scream "I don't think so!!"

Of course, the primary focus of Busch Gardens is the animals. On Jan. 25-26, Busch Gardens® Tampa’s cheetahs took part in one of the Tampa Bay area’s oldest traditions, Gasparilla, with a cheetah twist. A few of the park’s cheetahs celebrated the first ever “Catsparilla,” complete with a pirate ship.

Made of a plastic tub, cardboard boxes, a bamboo mast, hay and other enrichment items, the Catsparilla pirate ship included spices to entice the cheetahs to “board the ship,” and even paper Mache animals for the cheetahs to pounce on.

So, if you want to experience some high speed thrills, and also enjoy some of the most majestic and amazing animals on Earth, perhaps you should plan a trip to Busch Gardens Tampa this year. I know I am!

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