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Things are about to blow up in 'Dead Island 2's announcement trailer

Quite a bit different from the first game's reveal
Quite a bit different from the first game's reveal
Photo courtesy of Deep Silver, used with permission

Everyone remembers the original, iconic CG trailer for Dead Island, which quickly generated mass amounts of hype with its artistic design. The final game, however, didn't quite match the emotional depth we were led to expect from the title, and it seems that Deep Silver is changing their approach with the announcement of Dead Island 2. The latest zombie co-op title made its debut during Sony's E3 press conference last night, with a high-energy trailer that captures a more comedic tone than its predecessors.

The trailer features a young man, who we later see on a billboard for a local gym, jogging through the streets of California with his music blaring. His headphones and daily routine cause him to completely tune out the zombie apocalypse that is unfolding behind him, until a bite that he's been concealing on his wrist turns him into one of the undead. He is eventually hit by a car, whose driver sounds like he may be voiced by Jack Black, whose passenger may very well be Aaron Paul. Neither of these names have been confirmed yet, though. The song playing throughout the video is “The Bomb” by Pigeon John.

It has been confirmed that Yager will be taking over the series' development from Techland, who are working on their own zombie title, Dying Light. No gameplay footage has been released yet, though we know the game will be utilizing Unreal Engine 4.

We're curious to see how Dead Island 2 will differ from the first installment and its Riptide follow-up. If this teaser is any indication, Deep Silver may be trying to steal some thunder from Capcom's Dead Rising franchise with the game's sillier approach and co-operative play. PlayStation 4 owners should also expect to receive some exclusive content, though we're not sure what that may entail as of yet. Dead Island 2 is expected to launch early 2015.