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Thingk CLOGK and GKILO and Indiegogo

Courtesy of Thingk

Now is a good time to Thingk. Italian design firm, Thingk, announced the launch of two products today as well as a corresponding Indiegogo campaign to help bring them to market. Each of these products stand to refine and elevate two common houseware pieces in a very slick and sleek way. Introducing the GKILO kitchen scale and CLOGK timepiece (pronounced kilo and clock, respectively).

The crowdfunding begins today over at Indiegogo, and Thingk has set a goal of $50,000 to help these two new products come to fruition. The GKILO looks like a beautiful chunk of flawless wood but is actually a particularly smart kitchen scale and clock that, as if by magic, displays the weight of the thing being weighed or the time of day, depending on orientation, through the block of wood. That’s right, orient the block of wood scale side up, and it is a kitchen scale, flip it over, and it is a clock. The CLOGK appears to be a solid cylinder of wood with a 20 degree bevel chopped across its top, but when the CLOGK is touched it displays an analog clock or can be used as a cooking timer. Both the GKILO and CLOGK connect wirelessly to a phone app that is available on iOS as well as Android (thank you very much), to provide additional functionality. The app can be used to identify that which is being weighed as specific food to provide estimated cooking time. If used in conjunction with the CLOGK, the app will transmit the cooking time information and set the CLOGK into timer mode.

We are seeing electronic devices becoming more and more influential in our lives. We want to see humanity adapt to a more natural model of human­-machine interaction, based on touch, voice­-recognition and gesture.” ­Stefano Marangoni, Team Leader, Thingk

For more information about Thingk, GKILO or CLOGK, click here. You can also check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo. For more information about the Thingk Indiegogo campaign, click here.